The Merlin Curriculum

Merlin training is made up of the 11 modules described below. These are offered both on-site and on-line. These can be taken in a one- or two-day format. On-line training is generally offered one module at a time. Scheduling is done to fit the participants’ schedule.

Module 1 - The Merlin Interface
This module is designed to familiarize participants with the Merlin interface including the names and features of each functional area in the main window. Participants will also learn to create, manage styles and column sets.
Module 2 - Starting a New Project
Participants will learn how to set up a new project in Merlin. This includes setting project preferences and adjusting project settings
Module 3 - Creating and Assigning Resources
In this module, participants will learn about the four types of resources and how to create them. Participants will also learn how to create resource groups and to set resource calendars. Lastly, participants will learn how to assign resources to activities.
Module 4 - The Library
The Library is a very helpful feature that can save users a great deal of time. Participants will learn how to use the library including uploading and downloading content.
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Module 5 - Developing the Project Schedule
Participants will learn to use develop workable project schedules. Topics include the relationship between work, duration, and effort, and the use of dependencies, lags, leads, and constraints.
Module 6 - Tracking Project Performance
In this module, participants will learn how to track project cost and schedule performance. Topics include entering cost and scheduling data and how to compare planned, expected, and actual performance values. Printing reports is also covered.
Module 7 - Attachments
Merlin supports six different types of attachments; events, files, information, issues, risks, and checklists. Participants will learn how to use these attachments to more effectively manage projects.
Module 8 - Combining Projects
Since most project managers manage multiple projects, it is important to be able to view more than one project at a time. Merlin does this by combining multiple projects in a single window.
Module 9 - Working Collaboratively
Merlin works well as a stand-alone project management program. It also has the ability to allow multiple users to work collaboratively on a project. This module is designed to show participants how to use Merlin in a collaborative environment.
Module 10 - Importing and Exporting Project Data
There is often a need to share data with customers, sponsors and other stakeholders. Merlin makes it possible to import and export project data in 12 different formats. The focus of this session is on how to import and export data in these various formats.
Module 11 - Printing
Participants will learn how to print project data. Topics include styles, formats, sizing, headers and footers.