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Training for Project Managers by Project Managers
A recent study by PMI found that the number one reason that projects fail is inadequately trained and/or inexperienced project managers. We offer one- and two-day workshops on the basics of project management designed to ensure that participants develop the necessary skills to manage projects successfully.

These courses focus on the five stages of the project life-cycle providing attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage each stage efficiently and effectively. We also offer a number of advanced workshops on specialized topics.

Basic Seminars
PM-1 The Essentials of Effective Project Management (2-day)
PM-2 Project Management Overview (1-day)

Advanced Seminars
PM-3 Defining Projects for Success (4 hrs.)
PM-4 Effective Scope Management (4 hrs.)
PM-5 Resource Planning and Scheduling (4 hrs.)
PM-6 Managing Project Risk (2 hrs.)
PM-7 Tracking & Controlling Project Performance (4 hrs.)
PM-8 Managing Project Change (2 hrs.)
PM-9 Closing Out a Project (2 hrs.)

These seminars can be provided on-line or on-site. Contact us for information about how we can present these training sessions for your organization.